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Choosing an accounting firm can be a challenge when you do not know exactly what you are looking for. There are many firms available in Singapore that offer payroll, auditing and general accounting services. However, it is imperative that you get the best services and attain the value that you pay for. Whether you are looking for financial management assistance for your business or as an individual, you will find us an ideal fit for your needs. There are some questions and considerations that you must make before making your decision. However, you will find us capable of delivering all the presented requirements and going beyond the call of duty.

The right qualifications are an important factor when choosing a firm for your business. We are capable of dealing with all your financial needs including the auditing and managing payroll. Every person that is hired is vetted thoroughly to ensure that only the best is hired. We are also certified to deal with business accounts as well as personal finances. Our license is always up to date and all our legal obligations to the government are always fulfilled on time.

Customer service is important to us as it is to you. Your satisfaction with the accounting, payroll and auditing work we do is our top priority. We have various platforms that you can present any complaints and questions. This is to ease your convenience and to ensure that whenever you are, you can reach us within a short period. Our responses are speedy and effective. Your concerns will be addressed immediately and any follow-up questions will be welcomed.

Each firm has varying price ranges and different methods of charging. We ensure that you only pay for the quality services that you have received. Our contract agreement with our clients is clear and concise. The expectations of both parties are outlined to avoid unforeseen complications. There are no hidden charges that are not presented before you engage our services. Make certain to request for a quote if you are considering working with us so that you will have an accurate picture of what to expect.

Experience is an important factor when looking for a reputable accounting firm to care for financial needs. There are various regulations that must be upheld for businesses. It is imperative that anyone who handles your payroll and auditing services knows how to deal with potential problems before they grow. Our experience has given us an opportunity to deal with different complications and we are quite aware of how to diffuse such situations. Our information on the requirements by the legislative government is always current and any changes that are made are updated posthaste.

The references we present to our potential clients are credible and reliable. They are the evidence of our track record in assisting different businesses manage their finances. We provide contact details of some of our current clients for your own research. We understand your caution when hiring someone to offer this kind of assistance and encourage you to do your due diligence before hiring us.

Most accounting firms will offer limited services to their clients. We cover all your financial needs that are within our scope. We help you develop expenditure plans and match them with the available resources. Presentations of financial statement are made periodically to ensure that you are aware of what is going on. We efficiently handle your payroll requirements so that you will be at ease to focus on other business aspects. The auditing services we give are according to the standards that are expected nationally and we ensure that your business is in compliance with the all the taxation regulations. Our aim is to become valued advisors for your company.

Each business has preference on how to manage the financial information. We accommodate those who require frequent reports on their accounts as well as those that only want minimal services such as in taxation. There are different ways to get in touch with our staff. If you would prefer a physical meeting, you will be able to schedule an appointment and get quality assistance. You can also call your accountant if you do not have sufficient time. Consider these aspects when looking to hire an accounting, payroll and auditing firm.


What Our Customers Saying

  • Just a quick note to say how impressed we have been with your support over the last couple of years. As a small, new, growing business we were recommended to you by a local businessman customer, after asking his local advice when we began to find the day to day bookkeeping was becoming too time consuming for amateurs along with keeping up to date with ever changing legislation.
  • So appreciate your help and enjoy our friendship. Here is a little something just to say thanks.
  • I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your hard work with regard to your work on our tax return. We also appreciate the return.
  • They do an excellent job for us, we use them for both tax preparation and general accounting, we could not be happier with the services they provide
  • Absolutely the simplest and least stressful tax preparation experience I've ever had.
  • Top notch Accountants! If you want business advisors who have your back, talk to them. Incredibly knowledgeable, honest and ethical. A real business partner!
  • We were looking a reputable accounting firm to outsource our accounts and also payroll. We asked around and was introduced to Accounting Services Singapore by a friend of ours. They are very professional with their accounting and also payroll and it really save us a lot of time doing it ourselves. Highly recommended!

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