Which Of These Accounting Mistakes Are You Making?

Finance and accounting is a primary business function, handling the field with due diligence is an absolute necessity. Most people will classify accounting and finance together and under the finance umbrella there is the accounting branch which is equally important, it is the process of keeping financial records. Accounting is an area that most businesses manage with the necessary care following the generally accepted accounting principles but even so some of the issues are ignored by the accountants or the person responsible, and they might amount to a great deal of trouble in the long-term or even in the short-term. With the introduction of technology in the accounting area, there are new ways of doing things and also a new approach to handling accounts although the basic principles still hold some aspects are introduced in the play. Technology increases the efficiency in accounting but it might as well lead to some common accounting mistakes. In this article, some of the accounting mistakes you might be making are outlined.


7 accounting mistakes you might be making

1. Mixing business and personal finance

Failing to separate personal and business account is one of the common and dangerous mistake people make. It might seem obvious to separate the two accounts, but still some people will expose the business to risks by combining the two accounts. It is imperative to open two different bank accounts, one for business matters and one for the personal matters. The business specific transactions should be accounted separately. It is advisable to keep invoices for business and personal items separately. When you don’t separate the two accounts, you might be at the risk of spending business funds on personal matters; the opposite can also happen and lead to confusion and unreliable accounting records that will be of no or less use the business hence to avoid this it is always good to separate the two accounts.

2. Trying to do everything yourself

You might be trying to manage the business daily operations, do the marketing, do the accounting as well as doing the and manage the human resource as well, this could be acceptable when it is small business start up that is less demanding but the moment it starts to grow, or when you find yourself employing several people to help with daily operation it is advisable to delegate the accounting duties to someone with accounting knowledge. Accounting is a sensitive area that could affect the overall success of the business hence the one handling it should at least have some accounting knowledge and experience to keep accounting records that are reliable, accurate and complete. Trying to do it all yourself will lead to problems like recording transactions in the wrong accounts, mixing accounts, failing to detect accounting errors, generating false accounting reports among others, therefore, accounting duties to a person who is competent and experienced.


3. Hiring the wrong person

In some instances, you may employ a person with low qualification to reduce the expenses or employ a family member to do the accounting for your business. As I stated above, accounting is one of the most sensitive areas, the date obtained from the accounting area/department will determine the decisions that business will make, decisions that will affect the entire business. The data coming from accounting should be accurate to help make the right decisions for the business, when you hire a person due to other reasons other than their competence, experience and knowledge you might run your business into the trouble of steering your business in the wrong direction which may eventually lead to the collapse of the business. Accounting data will help you make decisions on where to invest more, where to reduce expenses and even which operations to terminate; the consistent inaccurate data will lead to the wrong decisions which will result in the collapse of the business.

4. Thinking that technology will solve everything for you

It is true technology has brought a whole new level of convenience, but it is also true that it does not solve everything. Accounting packages simplify the accounting process by offering simple means to accomplish tasks that could otherwise take hours or days but that all it does, it does not provide all the accounting solutions, in fact without a competent accountant you will get the wrong accounting data from these accounting packages. Technology will work well when there is an accountant to guide the process and check if the data is consistent and the packages are configured in the right way to produce accurate results. The notion of technology doing everything for you might cost you hence utilize both the technology and the services from an accountant.

5. Avoiding automation

Some business will avoid changes and stick to the old ways of doing things. Avoiding changes could be dangerous for your business as today's business environment is very competitive, and it is crucial to utilize automation to increase the productivity of the employees. In the old days, you had to employ several employees to carry out accounting tasks, and this increased the business expenses by large numbers but today with technology you only need a few accountants as the computers will do most of the work, this way you increase productivity, accuracy, and speed while at he same time reducing the costs of operation.

Accounting Mistakes

6. Neglecting to keep expense receipts

At times you will throw the expenses receipts in the trash, this will surely cause problems in the future. Without these receipts it will hard to know what that $200.00 charge is coming from, the accountant might also obfuscate the data in the books which may lead to confusion or even funds embezzlement.

7. Failing to keep regular backups

Accounting information whether in the computer in the office or on papers should be backed up in a different location, the common way to do a backup is in the cloud. Information can be lost at any time in various undesirable circumstances, but you don’t want to lose the accounting information, it is what guides the business operation hence it is good to take your time and do regular backups.

The above accounting mistakes could affect you if you do not pay close attention and eventually cost you your business hence it is always good to take action and prevent them. Most of the time hiring services from a professional accountant is what you need as they will help avoid these pitfalls.

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