Functions Of An Accountant & Why You Need An Accountant?

If you have just started a home based business or any organisation for that matter, the chances are that you will have a relatively smaller client base. However, as your business expands you might find that you are in increasing need of an additional helping hand to ensure that everything stays on track. It is in this scenario that we come into use. In a busy, performance driven work environment such as that of Singapore’s there are many different benefits of hiring an accounting service companies. Let us look at some of the needs and benefits of hiring an accountant service agency.


Why Do You Need an Accountant?

In case of business ventures, there are a number of areas that need looking into. Whether one is trading commodities, stocks or even doing something Internet based such as affiliate marketing, the multiple areas that need attention include:
· Customer Payments
· Invoices
· Deposits
· Account Logs with different sections on Payables and Received Funds
· Account Charts and Graphs marking Profits, Losses and Savings
· Payroll Services
· Outsourcing payroll
For many of those who find it difficult to handle all the aspects of the financial sector efficiently, hiring a company dedicated to managing accounts might be a worthwhile investment.

Functions of an Accountant
There are multiple reasons one might find the services of an accountant or accounting agency useful. These include:

· Advice on Increasing Profits:
Since the function of an accountant is to analyse financial data, he/she might provide some useful insights into maximizing profits. The accountant ideally prepares graphs and analytical charts to track your progress. While this in itself will give you a fair idea of how to improve your business, there is always the additional benefit of receiving advice regarding further investments.

· Help File Company Taxes:

The role of the appointed accountant is to handle the company’s financial data. As a result, what they do is keep a tab on the financial documents such as bank statements, trade receipts etc. This is extremely useful in when it comes to filing company taxes, maintaining accurate books and outsourcing payroll.

· Hands-on Office Management:

By handling a variety of paperwork including the ones for payroll and new hires or placements, the accountant serves the function of being an invaluable accessory to your daily office needs. Filing systems are kept in check and there is no need for you to personally stress over paying bills, handling invoices and managing receipts. Furthermore, the accountant can be outsources as a chief financial officer after the tax season to provide advice on financial strategies.

Why You Should Hire Us:

As Singapore’s leading Accountant, Payroll and Auditing Service Agency, we are the perfect solution to your every financial need. From handling the books to making sure that your bill are paid on time, we offer services that cover every aspect of the finance department. We also provide timely advice regarding investments and purchases in order for you to maximise your profits. The reasons you should consider hiring us are:

Functions Accountant

· Saving Time:

For many small time business owners in Singapore, balance becomes an important issue. If you are trying to stay on the top of things by handling sales, marketing, shipping, accounts and customer interaction one of the areas is bound to get neglected.
By opting to do business with our payroll company you will ensure effective delegation. What this entails is that we will manage the financial aspect of things and leave you free to handle the other areas of your business. Not only will you save time, but you will also ensure that your business runs smoothly with optimal efficiency.

· Work Efficiency:

Unfortunately, many business owners are not proficient in bookkeeping. By hiring our services you will essentially be handing over the financial aspect of things to a reputable company who has done business across the country. Not only are we proficient in areas of tax payment and bank reconciliation but we also keep a constant tab on the laws and policies of the Singapore government that can affect your accounts and financial documents. Insufficient or incorrect information can quickly lead up to losses, piling interests and debts. To prevent such an untoward circumstance from happening it might be in your best interests to delegate the financial workforce to a payroll company.

· Convenience:

We offer a wide variety of services from accounting to auditing to payroll services. Among the key benefits of hiring our agency to handle your financial needs is that we, in turn, employ the smartest and fastest accountants on the job market. This implies that we are dealing with an inherent love of numbers, account tabs and tax laws. Not only does this reflect in our work ethic, but this also ensures that you have a constantly updated log book without fear of paying fines or added interests. For those who find that they are disinterested in numbers and accounts, hiring a service like ours might just be the solution that they have been looking for.

· Reliability and Experience:

As a company we have been dealing with local business firms across the country. In fact, our website boasts of various testimonials by business owners who have benefited from our services. The fact that we have limited tolerance for inefficiency, coupled with our constant endeavour to stay up-to-date with the tax policies of Singapore mean that we promise to enhance your business profits by providing relevant financial advice. Instead of letting you make investments that are generic and mainstream, our accountant specifically tailor their information to your needs and company values. In 9 out of 10 cases this has lead to a much greater increase in profits. Furthermore, we track your company’s expenses accurately to ensure that every financial document is in order. As opposed to those business ventures that might find themselves in legal trouble over poorly recorded accounts, we ensure that your company is always on the top of things an functioning efficiently.

As Singapore’s Leading Accounting, Payroll and Audit Firm we assure maximum work efficiency. In addition, we promise overall cost-effective approach by making sure that your company is safe from penalties and other malpractices. Since every business venture- whether it be a multinational company or a small home based company- requires a sound financial system, the services of an accounting firm might be a worthwhile investment to consider.

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We Are Specialists In Accounting, Payroll and Auditing Services
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