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For any business, accounting services are inevitable and very critical as a small omission in the payrolls and taxing forms could warrant arrests or even temporary business closure pending investigation. While most businesses seek to employ at least one full-time accountant in the office, they often require additional accounting services from time to time. This is because accounting is quite dynamic and comes in flushes of heavy work followed by periods of relaxing. Most accountants therefore spend most of the time resting, until the workload suddenly occurs during auditing and scheduled reporting. With tech advancements and software, the sector has witnessed incredible evolution which requires accounting departments to stay at the front of things if the business is to gain a competitive edge. From cloud computing to outsourcing business accounting software, real time payroll and tax updating, there is no way around accounting. Both business associates and customers want to enjoy the efficiency brought by modern tech.

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Using external accounting services

As aforementioned, keeping an office accountant might be necessary and sometimes a requirement, but it does not mean they are going to handle all the work. This is why most successful businesses have learnt to outsource some of their accounting services and requirements during peak periods. There are many companies that provide readily available professional accountants when needed. Such companies are also involved in developing efficient business model software that can help lessen the processes involved while increasing efficiencies. They build analytical tools, reminders and templates that can be adopted to fulfill various accounting services. Finding such accountants is an effortless task as they exist in plenty in the modern market. In fact, it is as simple as searching businesses on your favorite browser. Nonetheless, not all accounting companies in the market can deliver your requirements. There are various aspects to consider before trusting another company to take care of you accounting needs. Some top considerations to make include;

Business reputation

Companies that consistently offer reliable quality accounting services that satisfactorily meet client requirements will definitely enjoy a good reputation within the areas they operate. It is quite easy to tell such companies from others as reputation is rather built than bought. Reliable companies are marketed by the same clients who use their services. Looking though complaints, reviews, comments and testimonials of previous and/or current clients will reveal a lot about the nature and quality of services you can expect. You can also look through the rating given by expert review companies to gather more insights about the company and its services. If most people are giving bad reviews and complaining about various unsatisfactory services, then you should probably avoid such accountants as they could be incompetent and unprofessional.

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Capacity vs. business requirements

Before you go looking for accounting services, you should first analyze your accounting requirements, what your accountant can achieve (if you have one) and what services you require. If it is a new startup and you have no clue about accounting in real sense, then you may need step-by-step learning. In such cases, consult professional accountants to discuss your requirements. If you already know what accounting services you need (auditing, payroll processing, taxing services, software…), then proceed to source qualified accountants in the market. Review their capacity by requesting their full business portfolio or a list of services they offer instead of asking if they can offer a particular service. Not all accountants can handle everything especially if you run a large enterprise with several departments and operations.

Service guarantees

It is often difficult to get warranty for service as delivery and consumption happen at the same time. Unlike products that can be backed by lengthy warranties, services are backed by guarantees. Find companies that offer quality guarantees including provisions to retake the assignments or even compensate losses directly arising from provision of poor services. Some accountants and companies take up insurance to help them reduce such liability. Essentially, you should be able to get value for money by having measurable results by which the effectiveness of provided services can be observed and analyzed.

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Professionalism and experience

Do not just rush in to pick any accountant in the market especially when dealing with sensitive financial information. Rather, carefully compare your options and choose credible licensed accountants exhibiting professionalism and exceptional customer services. This is why it is often advisable to use accounting companies if possible although you can always find individual accountants with a good reputation and admirable level of competence. More importantly, go in favor of long serving companies that have been around for some time. While some new accountants can still provide top standard services, experienced companies are known to have streamlined frameworks for service delivery. What’s more, their many years in the business mean they have profound knowledge gained through experience and they are in track of emerging changes. Note that some accounting companies are new but have professionals with many years of experience while others are old, yet employ new lads with limited experience.


This is another important factor that is close to professionalism. Outsourcing accounting services can be very costly to your business if you use the wrong people. Your business’ financial information should be kept confidential and no one else must access it. Once the phase is done, everything must be handed over and no databases should remain with the company. Thus, it may be important to look into the recent history of a given company or accountant to see if there are any red flags. Additionally, you can evaluate the recruitment procedure to ensure the company hires trustworthy individuals subjected to a background check.


There are many other minor aspects to review before hiring accounting services. Other than competence, you must seek value for money and pick offers that do not dig too deep into your budget. As a rule of thumb, only consider cost after reviewing all the above mentioned aspects. Once you have a few potential accountants you can work with, compare their prices and narrow down to one with the best deal. Most accounting companies own professionally designed websites where they describe their offers. The best ones offer 24 hour services and responses to inquiries. You can also send an email, text message, and live chat or make a phone call.


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